The Huntsman (also known as the Woodcutter) is a character that appears in the fairy tales Snow WhiteLittle Red Riding Hood and others.


Snow WhiteEdit

When the Evil Queen had learned from her Magic Mirror that Snow White will be the fairest of them all, she orders a Huntsman to take Snow White into the deepest woods to be killed. As proof that Snow White is dead, the Evil Queen demands that he return with her lungs and liver. The Huntsman takes Snow White into the forest. After raising his knife, he finds himself unable to kill her as she sobs heavily and begs him "Oh, dear Huntsman, don't kill me! Leave me with my life. I will run into the forest and never come back!" The Huntsman leaves her behind alive convinced that the girl would be eaten by some wild animal. He instead brings the Evil Queen the lungs and liver of a young wild boar, which is prepared by the cook and eaten by the Evil Queen.

Little Red Riding HoodEdit

When Little Red Riding Hood is attacked by the Big Bad Wolf disguised as her grandmother, the Huntsman (also known as the Woodcutter) arrives and slays the Big Bad Wolf with his axe, in some versions freeing Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother (or both the little girl and her grandmother) from the monster's stomach. It is then revealed that the Huntsman has been hunting the Big Bad Wolf for some time before rescuing them.

Hansel & GretelEdit

In the fairy tale Hansel & Gretel, the titular brother and sister's father is a Woodcutter.