Snow White, c1919 (5686351086)

The Evil Queen, disguised as a farmer's wife, offering Snow White the poisoned apple

The Poisoned Apple is an enchanted item created by the Evil Queen to kill her stepdaughter in the fairy tale "Snow White ".

Original fairy taleEdit

In the fairy tale "Snow White ", the Evil Queen attempts to kill her stepdaughter four times. The first time is by ordering her Huntsman to chase Snow White into the forest, kill her, and return with her lungs and liver for the Evil Queen to consume. The Huntsman instead takes pity on the fair maiden and lets her go, instead returning with the lungs and liver of a wild boar. The second time she disguises herself as an old peddler woman and offers Snow White a beautiful lace bodice. She then ties it so tightly that Snow White cannot breathe and faints, however the Seven Dwarves return and cuts the lace free so she revives. The third time, the Evil Queen disguises herself as a different peddler and offers Snow White a poisoned comb. Once it is in her hair, Snow White faints but she is once again rescued by the Seven Dwarves.

Finally, the Evil Queen (who is knowledgable in witchcraft) fashioned a poisoned apple that is red with white cheeks and returns to Snow White, now disguised as a farmer's wife. When Snow White refuses to eat the apple, the Evil Queen cuts it in half and eats the harmless white side while offering Snow White the poisoned red side. Snow White takes a bite and faints, and the Evil Queen leaves triumpant.

Everybody believes Snow White to be dead from the poisoned apple, including the Evil Queen, the Seven Dwarves and the handsome prince, but when the prince's servants stumble while carrying her glass coffin, the apple piece dislodges from her throat and Snow White awakens.

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